Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh Happy Day !

Okay so today started off as a bit stressful. Had to clear my floors, vaccuum and prepare for the exterminator to come. Once I did that I had to leave the keys for him and not return until the end of the day. Yuck. I felt rushed and I still havent returned anyone's phone calls.

Posted by PicasaThen I went to school, bravely brought the boys with me and started organizing my classroom for the school year. The kids behaved wonderfully, I can't really complain,but getting my class room ready really put me in a funk. I can't believe that next Monday is the dreaded day. Sigh that bums me out. Anyway, then we went to Big Lots to buy some organizing tubs for my classroom. Cheap there and good brands. The boys were good too, except that they insisted on taking turns pushing the cart as the other directed the "driver' through traffic with hand signals and all. Too bad that didn't really help out since they kept on crashing into displays and other things. So that got me a bit worked up too. When I got into the car I felt like crying. Dumb..just stress. I luckily did not give into that stressor and just drove home feeling sorry for myself. I pulled into the driveway, parked, got the kids out and lo' and behold there were not one,but two packages in my mailbox...just for ME. Yippee...I suddenly got out of the funk...(however this is just temporary people) and brought those packages in. One of the packages was from a RAK that I won from Karen Wilson (from the unforgetables foundation) and the other was a set of Art warehouse stamps that I won off ebay on JULY 29th. I thought that they were for sure lost! Gosh I think those things came just in time...funny how things seems to come just at the right time!

Lastly I would like to leave you with this quote: "Mom did you know that the word for hello and goodbye is the same word in is called "HELLO-HA". My teacher told me that today"

Adam Spina

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I actually scrapbooked a page about me !

Well, so I actually just scrapbooked a page just about me,which I never ever do. I always focus on the kids, family and sometimes group shots of friends,but a single pic of myself...not really. I don't even have a good reason why, I guess I just feel full of myself by doing it? Although I never really think that of others when they do it. Anyway, it was good, it got me thinking and I am glad I did it. Here is my lovely page of "just me". The most fabulous part is that I got to use my brand spankin' new Daisy D's paper and embellishments. When I bought it, I wasn't sure what I would do with it,but then I was inspired by a contest on .It just asked members to do a layout about themselves and so I went to it.

In other news The Red Bee just got the ROCKSTAR line in by DCWV. A special friend of mine loves me so much that she wants to buy it for that love or what? I am so excited, I just can't wait to get my hands on it and use it. I know I will be able to get good use of it since I am a ROCKSTAR and my son Nicholas is in the making. ;)

I have been working on other projects lately as well, I also just hung up a Heritage project at the Red Bee of my gradparents. I am quite pleased with it. I miss them and the photo in it always makes me happy.
I am also working on a project with a new Frances Meyer kit to bring into the store on Friday. I will post it when it is completed.

Well enough for now...will be at the Red Bee Friday night for a DT meeting and then a scrap-a-thon. Well okay just some scrappin'but it will be fun. Got to spend the rest of my credit from the RB garage sale. Tee hee, can never have enough scrapbook supplies...RIGHT ILLYSE?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A day of MOURNING!

Oh no, I just posted to whine a bit. I know that some of you reading this will just want to slap me, but I just can't believe that there is only 1 month of summer left! Today is August 1st and Illyse and I have named it the National Day of Mourning. Well at least it is in our world. Really it is less than a month before I have to go back to my classroom to get ready for the school year. I have been really liking the stay home mom thing thoroughly...oh goodness! Oh well I guess I better start making this last month spectacular. I did actually have a fantabulous time the other night with my dear friend Lisa and some new friends too. We went to dinner and then a Tears for Fears concert....Yipeee. Can't let go of the 80's...too much fun. Here is a pic at dinner with Lisa and the girls.

Anyway for now I just have to make it last...stretch it out...and try to deal. Well at least this Sat. I will be going to The Red Bee to scrapbook. That will be FUN..
Okay enough for the way how ya like my blog's new look?