Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's about time !

Oh gosh I am so bad at keeping this up,yet I have had so much going on. I get caught up in things and lose track of time! Anyway I digress, First let me say school has started for both the kids and myself. I think the kids might like school a bit better than me at this moment. ;-) This year was a bit hard only because Adam is no longer in preschool. He just started kindergarten and Nicholas is in 3rd grade. Wherever does the time go? Here are a few pics from the first day of school. As much as I am completely sentimental about it, I know it is so good in so many ways to have them both at the same school. Nicholas has someone to watch over and Adam feels like he is a big kid now...going to the same school as his brother. Good for both their self esteem.

So mom has to let go and just get used to it. No more babies, no more preschoolers !

On to other news I have had a lot of great scrappy stuff happening to me. I recently placed 2nd in two different contests on Tallyscrapper . Which made my day! Here are the 2 layouts that won. Mission ME Challenge :

Show us your wild side:
So today today I must wait for a plumber to come and clean out the drains and then we are off to a birthday party. Hoping to squeeze some scrapping time in there! Have a great day!