Monday, July 28, 2008

What's New ?

I've have been really lazy about updating my blog and I can see that some of my faithful friends in blogland have been checking up on me. We have..I have, been busy, taking on projects at home, going here and there and basically I just haven't gotten myself in gear. So here I am !

I just finished reading this book.

And I would have to say that not only is it a good read, but it is very eye opening. As a mother of a child with Asperger's I found this book something that I could really relate to in many ways. The "Aspie" mind is really complex and amazing at the same time. John Elder Robison, The author, is a highly gifted individual and right now I think that I may be his #1 fan. He is humorous in his aspergian way,which I have learned to appreciate. I think that anyone who is curious and wants to know more about how the AS child or even adult for that matter, works and thinks, should read this book. It helps the reader to understand how an Asperger's individual thinks, relates to social issues and struggles for things that we all take for granted on a daily basis. The book has a lot of up and down moments, but then has you laughing 5 minutes later. J. E. R. is the older brother of Augusten Burroughs, the author of ,Running with Scissors. Read the will be enlightened.
Speaking of the Asperger's Child..hmm. Well my son, Adam, quirky, intelligent and secretive has decided to let me in on a little secret.....umm HE CAN READ ! I don't mean sight words I mean books, pages, short paragraphs. He apparently has decided that it was time to reveal that he could read the other day. If you know Adam, then you know that he does not allow himself to make mistakes and does not take risks in front of others. He must be infallible (according to him). So being that he just finished Kindergarten, I would expect him to be an emergent reader. When school ended he was reading short word lists. And perhaps sentences like "The dog sat". But the other day he decided to suddenly reveal to us that he could in fact read more...a lot more. He read 9 pages of a Curious George book. He read the word suddenly, heard (which you can't sound out) etc. That little stinker ! I guess he had to reveal himself once he knew that he was "ready".

Took the boys to Legoland the other day and had a blast. It was perfect because we went in the middle of the week and got there as soon as it opened. We spent from open til just about close there and got to do EVERYTHING that we wanted to. The boys enjoyed themselves, lines were never too long and the Roller Coasters there are quite doable for me. I just can't hack the big stuff anymore.

Been scrappin' here and there. And I have been having fun doing so. Celebrated my b-day and Jennifer's scrapbooking with the girls. Janet, Illyse, Jennifer and I had a great time and Susie's. Here are a few layouts that make me happy.

My sweet niece, Sofie

Nicholas at art camp

My 38th birthday

And Lastly... I will be teaching a few classes in August. So come and see me at Screamin' Susie's.

    Just Tinkering/Girl Time
    Mon. Aug. 11th
    7-9 p.m.

  • You're all wet !

  • Thurs. Aug. 14th

  • 7-9 p.m.

  • 'Love to you' Botanical gift card set

  • Mon. August 18th

  • 7-9 p.m.

    So I guess that I am off for now. Drop in and leave me a comment..I see you there, so come and say hello :)

(((Big hugs)))


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to me


Nancy Scraps, Jenna Lee and Mama in Pajamas :) Sorry for the late post girls and thanks for playing ! Please email me your snail mail info !

July is a good month, it is my birthday month,

we celebrate Independence day, we are well into summer vacation, new products are released at CHA , I love the sunshine, going to the beach and I just generally feel good. To make the month even better I have had a bit of a lucky streak too ! I was published in scrapnart (yippee..they rock). I got a surprise b-day gift in the mail from my sweet Alicia, my twin sister separated at birth, (Dilly as some of you know her). I won a RAK..cute little clay buttons..yay ! From Inkster :) Not to mention that two sweeties I know, Dawn and Jenn gave me a blog brillante premio award....AND BOY DOES IT FEEL GREAT !

So first let me nominate a few new bloggy brillante premio friends....

1. JennaLee for always having a gentle disposition, being incredibly artful and creative (yes I made up the word artful).

2. Michelle for always being honest with me, for always being a lot of fun, for always being a sensitive and caring gal and for having the courage to take on new challenges and diving in headfirst ! YOU GO GIRL !

3. For Ms Tina K. for being a giving and caring person. For being extremely talented and supportive.

4. Stephanie for being a sweet girl that has got the whole world ahead of her and for always greeting me with a smile.

5. Leah C. because she is creative, talented, giving and sure of herself and I like that !


Illyse and Jennifer who of course have already been nominated because the are so ever worthy of this award. I cannot go without mentioning my girls! You rock and you know it chicas ! No need to tag me back don't need to go through the moitons.l.just know that you are loved !
Now here are the rules to follow if you have been nominated: 1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you -Click on Jennifer and/or Dawn's name.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

So now that I am completely a wind bag (tee hee) I wanted to say, since I have been doing all the is time for me to do a bit of giving..PAY It Forward...know what I mean? So here's a little RAK . Please leave a post on my Blog and 3 lucky winners will receive a set of Basic Grey Romani Monograms. Not bad eh ? I will draw on Monday July 21st :) check back !

Thanks you to all those friends who have made the last few weeks grand. Sometimes we all need a little lift.

I will be posting a few new classes in the next few days, so check back !

Lastly ALOHA to my friend in Hawaii ;0) Who knew that I would get a visit from there. Ain't sitemeter grand !? It is so much fun to see where all my visits come from !

Take care all !



Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Having Fun...just Happy

Have you ever thought that things just happen for a reason..that maybe they were just meant to be ? Well I do ! I have to say that going to Screamin' Susie's was a wonderful change for me. I feel like a part of the team and a lot of good has been coming out of it and that just makes me happy. The other night by chance while I was there a woman came in to speak to the owner . It turned out that she was a special ed. teacher that teaches high functioning autistic kids (need I say more?) She was looking for a field trip/project to be made for her students. She wanted to get them out into the community for socialization and have them do something fun at the same time. Well being that this is an issue really close to my heart, I was happy to be a part of it. Lucky me, I got to teach the class. Like I said, things happen for a reason. Here is a quick little snapshot of the kiddos after the class with their pencil boxes that they made. I had a great time with them . They were so cute and a few of them reminded me of someone I know very well ;0)
Monday night I had my pocket card class. It was a lot of fun and the ladies that signed up even made it better. They were all so happy to be there, made me laugh and really made me feel good ! For any of you who visited me on Monday...thank you for being so complimentary and for making it all the more fun. Seems like there was a lot of last minute interest in the class as well. So those of you who came by and for those of you who missed it, I will be teaching another class that is similar,but fall themed, in Sept.
My Look how you have Blossomed layout class is on Wed. July 9th. If any of you are still interested, there are 4 spots left. Come in and see me and join in on the fun..goodies and a raffle will be included. Here is what the layout looks like :

And here are some upcoming classes:

Marvelous Monogram Clipboard

Thursday, July 17

7-9 pm

Bloomin' Ribbon Box

Monday, July 28th

7-9 p.m.

And the best fort last..this summer my Adam is going to Gymnastics's camp. Last week the school put on a little show for the parents to show what the kids have learned. Adam is the second boy in this carefully right int he beginning...he shocked the beegeebers out of me ! He is just 6 and only learned how to do this the day before...WATCH...