Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays to all my family and Friends

Happy Holidays to all of you, friends and family that I am so blessed to have in my life. A Friend sent me this poem. It is perfectly befitting to all of you who I love and care for so dearly, so I thought that I would share it with you:

My Friends, My Angels

I believe in angels

Those helpers who are near

Exactly when they're needed most,

Then seem to disappear.

I know them when I see them

Whatever their disguise

They're patient and encouraging

Resourceful, kind, and wise

Yes, I believe in angels

The kind that heaven sends

And I'm surrounded every day

By angels I call friends.

God gave me someone special

When He gave me

A special friend like you

Have a Blessed Christmas (and Hanukkah too)
and happiness the whole year through!

~Author- Unknown~
If you are reading this and want to "lift" this poem for someone else...please do.
I had a wonderful Christmas day with my family. I hope that your holiday season is filled with many blessings.
*P.S. If you are looking for some scrappy fun. Go to tally scrapper now! Everyday until new years I will be giving out some Tally love (prizes). So come on by and join the fun! Look for the thread called "going out with a Bang !"
**P.S.S - If you are acquainted with "ms. Cheryl" who won the RAK on my blog this last week..please send her my way. She won the RAK, her link doesn't work and I would love to send her goodies. Thanks !
With much love,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

For those last minute gals at heart

EDIT: WE HAVE A WINNER ! THE LUCKY GAL IS MS. CHERYL!! PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH YOUR MAILING INFO; Thanks to all who played. I am going to add just a little bit more of a bonus in the RAK. Cheryl I am waiting for you :) Iam really touched by all the sweet comments :) Thanks for all participating !

So I have been meaning to do is a small little thank you/Happy Holidays Rak for my bloggy friends and/or readers. Tell me what you want fo Christmas and I will randomly select a winner on Sunday evening. It surely won't get there by Christmas,but defintely in time for you to scrap some Christmas goodness shortly after !

If you link this giveaway to your blog, let me know and I will enter you twice ! :)

And..Happy Birthday to my Friend's Illyse and Susan ! Today is your special rock !

Love you all !



Sunday, December 14, 2008

December fun..December...RUSH

Gosh again guilty as charged. I am so behind on things. This past moth I have been sick on and off and it has really taken a toll. I am behind. Hopefully my excuse for next month won't be the same ! So much has happened and there is not enough time to share it all.

Let me start off by saying thank you to Jeanne at Scrapbook Supplies Direct for submitting out work to Cosmo Cricket ...and Thank you Cosmo Cricket for sending us so many goodies. I just got mine in the mail on Sat. and I can't wait to play with it ! Also I need to say thanks to Quickutz... May I just say it...YOU ROCK ! I have had some trouble with my Silhouette. I met up with a wonderful rep from QK and talked to him about it and guess what..VOILA...they are sending me a new one! Just like that ! So thank you...just in time for Christmas. Gotta love you guys !

In other news, since Thanksgiving...we have started singing... All I want for Christmas is my two front regards to Adam that is. So cute...he is missing booth his front teeth and he thinks that it is cool. Like he is some kind of big kid now.

Adam was a Sheppard in The Christmas play in religious ed. He was the first kiddo to start the play...he maintained an very serious exterior..but was very excited about it all.

Nicholas participated in a jeopardy like program called "a walk through California" in school last week. His teem that made his day :) Here he is on the "expert seat".

Last night we took the kiddos to see the Christmas Lights in nearby Brea. It was a lot of fun. They enjoyed themselves as well as we did ! We took a bunch of pics..but most came out kind of blurry. However this one..which was kind of a my favorite because it shows them in their true colors......

I am feverishly trying to get a few Christmas presents made and the rest shopped for. I am a little more than half way there. Also got to get those Christmas cards out. Watch your mail !

AND...there is some Scrappy There is a fabulous Christmas giveaway @ papermonkey. Follow this link !

Lastly, my dear goofy friend, Illyse is turning 40 on the 18th ! Can you believe it... If you love her like I do, why don't you go on over to her blog and wish her well :)

Be back in a few days with some more things to share....REALLY I MEAN IT !

(((BIG HUGS)))