Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Checking in :0)

Hello Friends,
Well wish I could say that I feel all better but I am still under the weather ;0(.
I have made a few layouts that I can share with ya though.. so here they are.

Both of these were made for challenges on Tallyscrapper.  The second one happens to be my favorite because it is of my grandparents, my mother and her brother back in 1953 in New York.  I just love that picure of them on the slide.  I also love the picture because it reminds me of how my grandfather was such a pleasant man. He wasn't just smiling for the picture. He was always that happy, that pleasant.  I never saw a stern look on his face.  Everything was always just "fine fine". What a beautiful man he was.

Lastly friends you must know that there is some great blog candy on Scrap it Forward for one lucky reader.  Could it be you? Look how yummy it is!
If you want to learn how to win it.  Just go on over and take a look. It is easy and worth it!

Much Love!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just a quick little note :0)

Some of you know that I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so I will make this quick.  Wishing all you a happy upcoming Valentine's day AND....
I just wanted to let you know that there is a fun little challenge over at Scrap it Forward worth knowing about. Go Check it out because the prize is yummy and all you have to do is make a card for an unsuspecting Valentine!

Here's mine!  Now go on over there and do the same!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Design Star, Goodies to share and Good peeps!

Well so much... a lot lately to post these days, for me.  I know..kooky huh?  I am liking it!  First off, Tallyscrapper has a challenge up to be the next DESIGN STAR!  So I thought, what they hey, Let's give that bugger a try!  So yep I did!  Here are my layouts.  Do you want to give it a whirl too?  Go on?  Give it a shot!

Also GOOD NEWS!  If you haven't heard already Scrap it forward  is running full speed ahead with a challenge ready to go!  A prize is waiting..JUST FOR YOU! Check it out...perhaps you may win. :0)

Speaking of Challenges I decided to participate in yet another challenge on a blog that I discovered just the other day. It is called Sarah Hurley Challenge Blog .  There Melly, one of the DT members, posted what she called a "wee sketch", which could be interpreted in any way, I suppose. So here is my take on it.  Wish me luck ;0)
Now on to the Goodies and good Peeps. The goodies and the good peeps go together you see. At CHA we met dozens of good people and as you can see got a lot of goodies for my crop to benefit Autism Speaks which will happen in April.  This is only a fraction of what we were able to get our hands on and the best part is we had great people and companies willing to send us more!  People like Miss Jenni Bowlin :0) even showed interest!  I have to say that the most beautiful person inside and out that I met is a woman, an artist, an inspiration, named Doveen Schecter. the founder of  Dove of the East.  She has lived the most extraordinary life, her artwork is amazing and her heart is of pure GOLD.  Within 5 minutes of meeting me she was handing me over a beautiful scrapbook collection to giveaway during my fundraising crop. No questions asked. She just listened to my story, and had faith.  Thank you Doveen. You are beautiful. Here is a pic of Doveen, Illyse and I.  Please go and take a look at her site.  I will also be linking her to our challenge blog!

I feel blessed to know that there are still people who can have faith in others and be willing to lend a helping hand.  We all need to reach out to one another. Big or small gestures always make a difference.  Much love.
Thanks to everyone who make a difference in my life

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a ball and so much to see!

CHA was so much fun as it always is. As a tradition. We have to take our..we are here pic and I have to take some goofy pics because, that is how I am. So let me get those out of the way...
The gang is all here!
GCD provided this for me!

Another Cosmo please! Oh I really shouldn't ;0)

In disguise for a top secret scrappy mission!
Okay So we saw a ton of wonderful beautiful fantastic goodies at CHA.  Yes we did!  Here is a bit of the goods! 

 Here is my Sassafras

  This I completely adore!  I love their new Foldies. They are a lot of fun!  I didn't get a pic of them because there were a lot of peeps around their booth at the time,but you can get a good glimpse on their blog at http://sassafras.typepad.com/sassafras/ .  It is a cool new way to get that layered flowers look without a whole lot of effort! and let me tell you something...It looks darn good!

So I also made my way around a lot of other booths and found a few new companies and also saw a lot of friends new and old. It is so nice to see friends that you usually only see online.  Hey you Julie by the way!  Yes I am talking to you!  I had the best time catching up on the silly stuff. ;0)

Okay back to the scrappy...there was a lot to see and too many pics to take so I will just show you a few more that really either made me smile, inspired me or made me realize that I will be going to the scrappy IOU poor house soon ;0)

Oh my, this Cosmo Cricket just about  killed me the upcycle line was my favorite for sure.  It was all fun but this was my fave!  And of course their old time display was so much fun that I had to go an take the picture with the Cosmo glass. I did ask permission first.

okay let's see...hmm what more ooh what I found truly AMAZING was the DIE CUTS with a VIEW booth. They must have had some astounding designers at hand.  The design work was beyond breath taking it was..jaw dropping. Just look at these dresses and table settings made out of paper!

And finally only because this is such a loooonnnng blog post I will put up some October Afternoon ;0)

There are so many more things to just share. People I met and the good things that happened,but I think that will have to be saved for another day. For now I think that this will do.  Thanks for stopping by!  Much love!

Me ;0)