Saturday, July 3, 2010


There is a great challenge up at Scrap it Forward and it is an EASY ONE too.  NO project involved! All you have to do is share a few links on your blog and/or facebook and you will be entered into a prize drawing for some fun scrappy goodies!  It is really easy and it is all about honoring those who choose to serve our country.  So go on over to SIF and take a look!

Wouldn't you like to win these goodies for only about 5 minutes of your time and effort.  Too easy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

SIF Blog hop winner!!!

So it is time for me to announce a winner...I know..but before I do I just have to say weren't all those canvases simply fantastic? I mean hello could they be any more diverse than they were already?  Holy moly? I couldn't even have imagened them any different...amazing is what I can only come up with.

I myself went with the Rock star edge...but for me that isn't any thing  more than typical I mean..I think music. I love music and I am kind of a geek about it so...there. TYPICAL....

Anyway with further adieu....the winner of my little ol' blog hop is....

Kelly Massman said...

Love your project! My son's a wannabee rocker!

So Kelly go to my Profile and click email me....then you can send me your contact info. I will happily send you your little canvas where you can put a pic of your rocker son :0) 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome to SIF Blog Hop!!!

Hey you found me over here You must have come from Cher's blog right? Well if you didn't, be sure to go back after you read this post and leave a comment on her blog as well :0)

So.... welcome to my blog.  It has been awhile since I have posted. I have been a bit naughty. But now I am here with some good things to share.  Scrap it forward is having a blog hop and if you made it all the way over to my blog you are at the very tail end of it!  Congrats!!  All of us design team members made individual canvases for all the readers at SIF. Well not each reader...let me clarify, one lucky reader from each blog post will win one of our handmade canvases!  Better yet...if you leave a comment on each of our blogs and then go back to the main Scrap it Forward site and let us know, you can be entered into a drawing for a special RAK giveaway over there too!  Oh my...So many chances to win!  So what are you doing?  Hurry up and leave your post here...and make sure to leave a little love on all the reast of the DT member's blogs if you didn't already!!!  Here is a pic of the canvas that I made just for one of you....
If you need a list of each blog member I would be happy to share each one with you..because I am just nice like that ;0)

And you already got me...
so now  after this go back to Scrap it Forward to leave your last post.  Maybe you can be the grand prize winner!  This hop ends on Wednesday, June 30th...all winners will be announced on July 1st, on each individual blog :0)

Monday, May 3, 2010


Y es el momento de anunciar el ganador de Kiki  Art Blog Rayuela ! Gracias a todos por sus comentarios maravillosos y sus amables palabras de apoyo. Espero que ustedes  siguen visitando mi blog y saben más acerca de las cosas divertidas que pasa con Kiki Art o sólo para decir hola!

Y sin más demora la ganadora es ....
MJ said...

hola, primera vez por aqui, no conocia tu blog. La casita de pajaro esta rebonita, excelente lo que escojiste "el autismo".

Felicitaciones Mj! Póngase en contacto conmigo lo antes posible voy a necesitar la información de su correo para que podamos enviarle pajarera nueva poco a la semana.

it's time to announce the winner of Kiki Rayuela Art Blog! Thank you all for your wonderful comments and kind words of support. I hope you continue to visit my blog and know more about the fun things about Kiki Art or just to say hello!

And without further ado the winner is ....

MJ said ...

hello, first time here, did not know your blog. The bird is rebonita cottage, great what you choose "autism."

Mj Congratulations! Please contact me as soon as possible with your mailing info. I can send your new birdhouse to you by the end of the week.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You made it! Welcome To Kiki Art's First "Blog HopScotch"Usted lo hizo! Bienvenido a Kiki Arte primer "Blog Rayuela"

Estoy tan feliz que hayas venido a visitar mi blog. Ahora podrás jugar con el primer blog Rayuela de Kiki Art.

Esto se extendera desde hoy, Jueves 29 de abril, hasta el lunes 3 de mayo. Así que tienes un montón de cosas divertidas que hacer ahora en este Fin de Semana Nacional del Scrapbooking! Así que ven y únete a la diversión! Muchos de ustedes vinieron desde el blog de Carolyn , pero si te perdiste su blog puedes volver a el clickeando aquí.

¿Como se juega?

KIKI ART tiene diferentes blogs, UNO para cada idioma (Inglés, francés y español). Nosotras empezaremos por el blog en Español. Pero, por favor, asegúrate de visitar todos los blogs de Kiki Art para aprender mas sobre nuestro mundo y tambien aumentar las chances de ganar regalitos.

Cada miembro del equipo de diseño ha elegido una organización que se compromete a ayudar a los demás. Yo elegí la causa del autismo Autism Speaks , porque ha tocado mi vida de una manera muy personal. Soy madre de un niño autista. Tengo un hijo maravilloso y sorprendente con autismo. Por favor, toma nota de los blogs que visitas y que tema tratan cada diseñadora para luego dejar tu comentario en el blog de KIKI ART.

Kiki Art tiene 3 blogs en diferentes idiomas. Cada uno de los equipos creativos esta participando en este blog hop, puedes ir a visitarlos tambien:

Kiki Art English

Kiki Art le français

Kiki Art Español

Como obtener un Premio del blog de Kiki Arte?

Para ganar alli, tiene que dejar un comentario en el blog de kiki Art y decir cual o cuales fueron han sido tus blogs y causas favoritas (No te limites un solo uno! Puedes elegir tantos blogs como quieras )

Como obtener un Premio de Una diseñadora de Kiki Art?

Muchos miembros de nuestro equipo de diseño han decidido regalar un proyecto que se relaciona con la causa en las que ellas creen o un regalito de productos de KIKI ART.

Deja tu comentario en sus blog y ellas escojeran un ganador al azar.

El martes, 4 de mayo, de Todos los Ganadores se daran a conocer!

Aquí está mi proyecto. He hecho una casa de pajarito. El techo está cubierto con piezas de un rompecabezas. El símbolo para el "Autism Speaks" es una pieza del rompecabezas. El autismo sigue siendo un misterio en muchos sentidos. Al igual que un rompecabezas, siempre estamos buscando esa pieza que falta "

Dime que pienas y deja un comentario al respecto, podras ser la dueña de esa hermosa casita.

Vamos a Comenzar BLOG Este BLOG rayuela! ¡Anímate y Diviértete!

Nosotras hispanas, empezaremos Por El blog de KIKI luego! y seguiremos por ... (Seguir la Lista) y ya luego! Podras ver los blogs de Los Otros en Idioma Ingles y Frances.

Ahora no te olvide que debes ir al blog de DESSY ella vive en México!

(((Un mil abrazos)))

I am so happy that all of you to visit my blog. Now you can play with Kiki Art's first Blog Hopscotch. This will run from Thursday April 29th through  Monday, May 3. So you now have a lot of fun things to do this National Scrapbooking Day weekend! So come and join the fun! Many of you came from Carolyn's blog, but if you missed her blog go back and check it out.

How do you play?

Kiki Has Three Different Art blogs, one each for language (English, French and Spanish) We start with the blog in Spanish. But please, make sure visitors from all blogs para Kiki Art Learn more about our world and also Increase Chances of Winning gifts.

Each team Design team  has chosen  An organization that commits  help others. I Choose the organization, Autism Speaks, because it has touched my life in a very personal way. I am a mother of an autistic child. I have wonderful and amazing child with autism. The sure and take note of these blogs and Causes that shows each design.
How to get a Kiki Blog Award Art? For your chance to win, you must make comment on the Kiki art blog and tell us where or what were your favorite DT member blogs and causes and leaving it in a post (Do not just choose a single one! Choose as many blogs as
you would like)

How to get a Prize from a Blog/DT Member? 

Many members of our team of designers have decided to offer the project that they have created that relates to the good cause that they believe in and Will have Kiki Art Products to offer!.

So....Leave a comment on their blog and they will chose will choose a winner at random. And make sure you leave one on mine too!!!!

On Tuesday, May 4, another All-Winners will be announced!
Here is my project. I made a bird house. The roof is covered with pieces of a puzzle. The symbol for the "Autism Speaks" is a piece of the puzzle. Autism remains a mystery in many ways. Like a puzzle, we are always looking for that missing piece "

Let's Start This BLOG BLOG hopscotch! Let's be Inspired and have fun!

We Hispanics, beginning KIKI Blog later! and will continue for ... (Follow the list) and you later! You will see the blogs of others in English and French Language.
Kiki Art has three different blogs in three different lenguages. Each DT is participating in the blog hop, you can go and visit them.
Kiki Art English

Kiki Art le français

Kiki Art Español

Now do not forget that you must go to DESSY visit in Mexico and see what cause she supports most. 

(((A thousand hugs)))

Friday, April 2, 2010

Who Do I love?

Umm Who Do I love these days?  Well umm so.... many people. Of course my family..that goes without saying. But let me tell you who is on my list BIG TIME!
First of all  I got a special little gift in the mail a week or so ago...well it wasn't really for me, it was for Adam.  It was from my new friend Julie. Do I love her. UMM Yes big time. Why?  Look at this and you tell I need to explain?
I think not!
Now Let me tell you who else makes my heart soar.  That would be the little one holding this beautiful frame. Want to know why? Because this year was the first time I really explained in depth to him about his autism. I explained to him that he had somehting called Asperger's Syndrome and that although it gave him certain challenges, epecially in social situations, that it also gave him his gift of amazing intelligence, his ability to problem solve, compute numbers quickly, construct things with ease etc. I told him that really he was kind of lucky,but that there were othe children with autism that really sturggled and that he had really been blessed.  I told him that we would be walking again for Autism Speaks to raise $ to help find a cure and he said, "but Mom, I don't want to cure my Autism".  Now if you know where we came from and the strides that we have made from then until now, that would have really melted your heart.  Know what, I don't want to change my little boy either, he is so perfect the way that he is,but I do want to give him the tools that he needs to survive soicially.  I am so proud of him!  I love that he loves and accepts himself the way that he does...his words and this frame that Julie made, inspired this layout. 
What a cool kid!  I just love him oodles and I love his Autism too!
Okay now let me tell you who else I love!!!  I love SCRAPPY NAN...from the ZUTTER ZIZTERS..yep I met up with her the other day and she gave me some very nice prizes to  give away at my crop to benefit Autism Speaks!  Yep She Rocks just a little bit.  Thank you Nan for your support!

But wait there's more!  I love FISKARS TOO!  I had no idea they were sponsoring the crop and on Wednesday there was a rap at my door and then someone ran away, which kind of startled me, then a white van took off which starled me a bit more.  What I learned is that Fiskars uses FEDEX,thus the white van.  They dropped off a BIG BOX with a pretty PRICEY gift which just might have to be a grand prize.uh is top secret for now!  I love you too FISKARS.  Let's just say...when someone wins this prize..they may be 'tuning the rest of the croppers out" for the rest of the day. Enough said!

And Lastly, I am spreading the love to..LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE..thank you  for sending some goodies my way for the crop as well. pretty. I love your papers and I wish that I could keep them for myself, but that would be just wrong!  Ugh!  Thank you so much for your generosity.

Thanks to everyone for showing their love and support, now I am all a'flutter!

IF you want to know more about the crop check out all the info here.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Official Crop announcement to benefit Autism Speaks

Hi friends in blog land, as many of you know, I have a son with Autism.  My son, Adam, has Asperger's syndrome, a high funcitioning form of autism.  Evey year my team, We Can, and I walk for Autism Speaks.  I hold many fundraisers to  raise money towards my walk.  My most successful fundraiser is my annual crop. This year my crop will again  be held at The Scrapbook Oasis in Irvine CA. on Sat. April 17 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The cost is only $30, which includes 8 hours of cropping, lunch, snacks, a generous goody bag for every cropper, raffle prizes and a silent auction.  Thank you Karen for continuing to open your store to me!!!!

We have many sponsors including :

Little Yellow Bicycle,Thermoweb,Quick Quotes, Kiki Art, The Robin's Nest, Prima, Nikki Sivils,Bella Blvd.,The Scrappin Table, Sticky Thumb, CherryArte,Scrapbook Business MagazineBest Creation,Scrapbook Adhesives , Zutter Zizters, Fiskars, Little Yellow Bicycle and many many more! The emails and shipments keep coming in!

Now that you have been enticed by so many scrapbook can you say "no" to this face.... Adam wants you to come to our crop and help support our team.Here is a link to our walk page. If you can't make it,but want to join our team or sponsor us, feel free to visit this link....
To sign up for this crop please contact me at or go to the facebook event page here for more info!/event.php?eid=354228469689&ref=ss
Okay tell your is limted to 25 croppers! So hurry and sign up. Not one person will leave without a prize!  Thanks to all the sponsors and friends who are supporting this cause that is very near and dear to my heart.  It is people like you who make all the difference in the world!
(((Big Hugs)))

Monday, March 8, 2010

So many new things going little time. Short post! Tantas cosas nuevas pasando ... tan poco tiempo. Post corto!

So my little Adam turned 8 last week.  He shares a birthday with my brother and as I learned a lot of other new friend's sons as well.  Anyway we had his birthday party at the gym where he attends gymnastics.  The kids had a blast! And yes that is my 8 year old up on the rings by himself..he can lift his weight and hold it, then flip over.  A little bit scary to me!
Así que mi Adam poco se convirtió 8 semana pasada. Él comparte cumpleaños con mi hermano y como he aprendido mucho de los hijos de nuevo amigo del otro también. De todas formas hemos tenido su fiesta de cumpleaños en el gimnasio donde asiste a la gimnasia. Los niños tenían una explosión! Y sí que es mi hijo de 8 años de edad, hasta en los anillos por él mismo .. puede levantar su peso y mantenerlo, y luego la vuelta. Un poco de miedo a mí!
In Other news, to celebrate National Craft Month, Scrap It Forward has a new challenge up!  We are looking for two Guest Desginers for a 3 month run.  The challenge is simple..make someting for someone and share your never know it could get you a spot as a Guest DT member!  So go over to our blog and learn all about it!  You could be the next desginer!

En otras noticias, para celebrar el Mes Nacional de Artesanía, Scrap It Forward tiene un nuevo reto up! Estamos buscando a dos diseñadores de huéspedes para ejecutar de 3 meses. El reto es hacer simple .. algo a alguien y compartir su talento ... nunca se sabe que podría conseguir un lugar como miembro del DT Invitado! Así que ir a nuestro blog y aprender todo acerca de ello! Usted podría ser el próximo diseñador!

Lastly my crop to benefit Autism Speaks is in planning. We already have many Sponsors, including Bella Blvd., 3l/scrapbook Adhesives, Nikki Silvils, Quick Quotes, Kiki Art, The Robin's Nest, Prima, Sticky Thumb and many many more!  The emails and shipments keep coming in!  You don't want to miss this event. As for now save this date... Sat. April 17!  The crop will be held at the Scrapbook Oasis from 10-6. All you local Southern California girls, know where it is!  More details to come. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!  Okay bloggy friends...Ciao for now!
Por último mi crop en beneficio de Autism Speaks es en la planificación. Ya tenemos muchos patrocinadores, incluyendo Bella BLVD., #L-scrapbok adhesives, Nikki Silvils, Quick Quotes, Kiki Art, the Robin's Nest, Prima, Sticky Thumb y muchos muchos más! Los correos electrónicos y los envíos siguen llegando en! Usted no querrá perderse este evento. Como por ahora salvar a esta fecha ... Sáb 17 de abril! el crop se llevará a cabo en el Scrapbook Oaisi 10-6. Todo lo que locales del Sur de California niñas, saber dónde está! Más detalles por venir. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en enviarme un mensaje! Bueno amigas Bloggy ... Ciao por ahora!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wow..I can't beleive it. Wow! No puedo creerlo!

Remember my last post? The one about choosing layouts. The one about not knowing what is the best choice and worrying about it? Well I guess I made the right choice because..... I made the Kiki Art Spanish/DT!!! Yes me, I did it..can you believe it. I learned Spanish long ago to help me with my teaching, to reach children of my community, who would have ever thought that it would also bring something like a Manufacturer DT to my door. Wow! I feel so very blessed and excited. As you may know I am always continuing to learn more about the language, to improve my speaking/writing abilities and what a fun way to do it! Thank you Arantza (Kiki) for having faith in me! I cannot wait to get started! Now I will be writing my blog entires in two languages.
Recordar mi último post? El único sobre la elección de diseños. El no saber cuál es la mejor opción y preocuparse por ella? Bueno, supongo que hice la elección correcta, porque ..... Hice el arte español Kiki / DT. Sí me lo hice . .. ¿puedes creerlo. Aprendí el español hace tiempo que me ayude con mi enseñanza, llegar a los niños de mi comunidad, que lo iba a pensar que también generaría algo así como un fabricante de DT a mi puerta. ¡Wow! Me siento muy bendecido y emocionado. Como ustedes saben yo soy siempre continuar aprendiendo más sobre el lenguaje, para mejorar mi oral y escrito habilidades y lo que es una manera divertida de hacerlo! Gracias Arantza (Kiki) por tener fe en mí! No puedo esperar para empezar! Ahora voy a escribir mis entradas de blog en dos idiomas

I have to say that this has been a great scrappy week. I also won on Sarah De Guzman's blog. So thanks to all of you who went over there and told her that I sent you! Hopefully someone that I sent over won too?! Lucky me and thanks friends!
Tengo que decir que esta ha sido una semana muy "scrap happy". También gané en el blog de Sarah De Guzmán. Así que gracias a todos ustedes que se fueron para allá y le dije que me envió! Espero que alguien me envía a través ganó también!

Lastly, you should all go over to "Sketcy Thursdays" and check out their sketch. I entered again for the whole fun of it. We will see where it goes,but regardless I love that site. It is so "sketch friendly" and inspiring. Go give it a try. Here is my layout.Por último, todos ustedes deberían ir a "Sketchy Thursdays" y echa un vistazo a su dibujo. Entré de nuevo por toda la diversión de ella. Vamos a ver a dónde va, pero adoro a ese sitio. Es tan "sketch friendly" y fuente de inspiración. Ir darle una oportunidad. Aquí está mi diseño

So for now, I am off until I have something fun to share :0) Thanks for all of you who always stick behind me! This is a great week and I am smiling from ear to ear!
Así que por ahora, me voy hasta que tenga algo divertido para compartir: 0) Gracias por todos los que siempre se mantienen detrás de mí! Esta es una gran semana y estoy sonriendo de oreja a oreja!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How do you know which is the right choice?

So I just applied to a fab scrapbooking paper company for their DT . Do you ever fret about which layouts and/or projects to send in. Ugh...I do. So I tried to show a little bit of everything,but who knows. I have been scrapping a little more than usual lately. Perhaps because I am trying to spend as much time as I can with a special friend who needs it right now. Hugs to her in this tough time.

Here are a few new layouts to share in this mini post of mine.

In other news, I was t...h...i...s close to being guest DT for Sketchy Thursdays. Last time that I checked I was in 2nd place and then I went to bed ;0) Melissa won first place and..she very much deserved it. I was so flattered and excited to find out that I was in the top five to being with! Perhaps in the next few challenges..I will take another stab at it.
For now, I want to just say, I am so thankful for my dear friends. I love them and am so glad to have them in my life. Nothing big is going on, I just felt like right now was a good time to say You know who you people are!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It has been a good scrappy week!

Oh for scrappy's sake it has been a good week! First I won a RAK on Pinky's Blog. She is on the Imaginisce DT and had some fun Imaginisce goodies up for a rak and yay me, I won!
Look at these goodies~

Next, I have been fortunate enough to be chosen in the top 5 at Sketchy Thursday's which just happens to be quite the cool blog with sketch challenges. This past sketch had an 80's them and looks like this:
So, this is what I came up with:
See and all these people thought that my ridiculous undying devotion to Duran Duran has gotten me nowhere...hmmph! I showed them ;0)

So if you haven't gotten over to vote...go go go. I would appreciate it! Go here!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh how sweet it is!

Hey friends out there had the best Valentine's day ever. It wasn't a romantic day,but it was a fun filled family day and I loved it. It started with making the kiddos Heart shapped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. They loved that of course! Some of the chips were candy coated so that kind of made a pink hue to the pancakes. That's okay...they were happy!

Soon after breakfast we went on a family bike ride and then took Little Leila for a walk. Adam apparently didn't get the memo on it being a leisurely ride...he took off at warp speed because he needed to be "the leader". That kid...sweet,but very competitive. All in all, still a great ride.

We then ran off to Sam's b-day party. She was dressed as the prettiest princess in Placentia. Wish I got a pic,but I be that you can find them on Illyse's blog!
Later we went out to eat with another family. We went to Teppanyaki. The boys loved it! The cook even flipped rice at them to catch in their mouths.

Here are a few pics with our friends we went to dinner with and their kiddos!

Lastly to wrap up the valentine's day hoopla, the boys and my hubby gave me roses and my little ones also wrote me poems. Lucky me. They were really sweet! Although Nicholas did title his ROSES ARE DEAD, VIOLETS ARE POOP.Boys...what more can I say....

So up the scrappy/crafty part of my life I want to mention that there is a new challenge up at Scrap it Forward! It is an easy one to commit too and will help those in need. All for free...did I mention a prize is involved? Go check it out!
Here is the layout that I did for the challnege on SIF !

And here is a layout that just makes me happy when I look at it. :0) Sweet little Adam likes to cook! So I gave my Chef's hat from CHA.

Oh and... good news! My annual crop to benefit Autism Speaks is scheduled for April 17th at the Scrapbook Oasis, so save the date. Details to come!!

Lastly want to win one cool RAK...a Gift certificate to the scrapbook store of your choice...well go see Sarah at Red Oak lines and tell her Christine/scrappygal sent you by the way! 1. All you have to do is comment to her post saying, “Sarah needs to be at 50,000!” This is open until she is at 50,000 views. Once she reaches 50,000 views, she'll draw TWO WINNERS to receive gift certificates to their choice to any scrapbook store.

2. For an additional chance to win, share this post on your blog, facebook, twitter, forum, etc.

3. …and a THIRD WINNER will be chosen. The person that can direct the most people to her blog will win a stash worth over $50 in scrapbooking products! How will she know who sent who? Well, they have to make sure they leave a comment telling her who sent them her way.

ex. Sarah needs to be at 50,000. Jane Doe sent me!

So I guess that is it for now..But I did want to give a shout out to my new Scrappy, Kodak lovin', NY girl. Small world Julie..just crazy. I have more details to share with you!.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Like a broken record...

Umm I go again with the excuses. Yet again I am here trying to excuse myself for not being updated on my blog. Perhaps in 2010 I will keep up? You still love me anyway right?

Gosh so much has happened. I believe an entire season has passed. I have so many things to many much of everything,but that would take forever so I will just share a bit from the last few weeks and leave it at that. ;0)

So let's start with this past week..WOOHOO CHA BABY! I had a ball. I love every moment of it and once it ends, I have a little empty it really all over?
It is so inspiring and it always revs me up to start things going. I was fortunate enough to meet so many beautiful people from all over the world..even Ecuador. I even have a new pen pal. I made a lot of contacts for our up coming crop to benefit Autism Speaks. AND I got a whole heck of a lot of fun pics! Here we go.....

Umm Hello MAKING MEMORIES...I LOVE YOU! I was a wiener yet again this year and so was Illyse. How fab is that? Thank you thank you! You are so amazingly generous!
What a way for us to end the show!

And Teresa Collin's booth..simply amazing! Always beautiful and love the new lines. Teresa is so sweet that she makes it all the more appealing!

I was able to spend the first day of the show with a good amount of my friends which makes it all the more fun! Here are a few pics of us having fun!

I also met a few new friends Like Kim and KIKI and Julie!
Kiki is the creator of Kiki Art and she is an amazing woman. Not only is she talented,but she is warm and giving. I know that we will remain friends. Love that chica. Check her out! Here is a link to giveaway to all good stuff KIKI ART. Check it out for a chance to win

Kim manages the DT at Dixie Pieces and she is the nicest gal. She spotted me on the floor the first day. Then later that day I spotted Sherry and Brenna the owners of DP. I met a whole group of great gals and I wish I had taken my pic with all of them as well! Next time I guess.

Julie is the creator of a blog called a These are a few of my favorite things. She is a fun chickadee and very creative. Her blog is fab and you must check it out!
I also met a lot of great people including the owners of The Robin's nest. They were kind enough to let us alter their CHA Badges using their products and they donated a entire bus load of papers and dew drops to our crop for Autism Speaks. They certainly ROCK!

Lastly, I believe that I have a good chance to become the next spokes model for Therm-o-web. What do you think?

In other news we have a new challenge up at Scrap It Forward with prizes of course! Here is the layout that I created for it ;0)

and here is the original photo before I er umm altered it.....judging from the bags under my eyes that day, I think that it was an improvement. Anyway please come by and check out the challenge :0)

And just to leave a little bit of my latest crafty ya go!

Okay skip skip..needle is scratching..I am picking it up and starting again. No more broken record. Here I am bloggers. I updated!