Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You made it! Welcome To Kiki Art's First "Blog HopScotch"Usted lo hizo! Bienvenido a Kiki Arte primer "Blog Rayuela"

Estoy tan feliz que hayas venido a visitar mi blog. Ahora podrás jugar con el primer blog Rayuela de Kiki Art.

Esto se extendera desde hoy, Jueves 29 de abril, hasta el lunes 3 de mayo. Así que tienes un montón de cosas divertidas que hacer ahora en este Fin de Semana Nacional del Scrapbooking! Así que ven y únete a la diversión! Muchos de ustedes vinieron desde el blog de Carolyn , pero si te perdiste su blog puedes volver a el clickeando aquí.

¿Como se juega?

KIKI ART tiene diferentes blogs, UNO para cada idioma (Inglés, francés y español). Nosotras empezaremos por el blog en Español. Pero, por favor, asegúrate de visitar todos los blogs de Kiki Art para aprender mas sobre nuestro mundo y tambien aumentar las chances de ganar regalitos.

Cada miembro del equipo de diseño ha elegido una organización que se compromete a ayudar a los demás. Yo elegí la causa del autismo Autism Speaks , porque ha tocado mi vida de una manera muy personal. Soy madre de un niño autista. Tengo un hijo maravilloso y sorprendente con autismo. Por favor, toma nota de los blogs que visitas y que tema tratan cada diseñadora para luego dejar tu comentario en el blog de KIKI ART.

Kiki Art tiene 3 blogs en diferentes idiomas. Cada uno de los equipos creativos esta participando en este blog hop, puedes ir a visitarlos tambien:

Kiki Art English

Kiki Art le français

Kiki Art Español

Como obtener un Premio del blog de Kiki Arte?

Para ganar alli, tiene que dejar un comentario en el blog de kiki Art y decir cual o cuales fueron han sido tus blogs y causas favoritas (No te limites un solo uno! Puedes elegir tantos blogs como quieras )

Como obtener un Premio de Una diseñadora de Kiki Art?

Muchos miembros de nuestro equipo de diseño han decidido regalar un proyecto que se relaciona con la causa en las que ellas creen o un regalito de productos de KIKI ART.

Deja tu comentario en sus blog y ellas escojeran un ganador al azar.

El martes, 4 de mayo, de Todos los Ganadores se daran a conocer!

Aquí está mi proyecto. He hecho una casa de pajarito. El techo está cubierto con piezas de un rompecabezas. El símbolo para el "Autism Speaks" es una pieza del rompecabezas. El autismo sigue siendo un misterio en muchos sentidos. Al igual que un rompecabezas, siempre estamos buscando esa pieza que falta "

Dime que pienas y deja un comentario al respecto, podras ser la dueña de esa hermosa casita.

Vamos a Comenzar BLOG Este BLOG rayuela! ¡Anímate y Diviértete!

Nosotras hispanas, empezaremos Por El blog de KIKI luego! y seguiremos por ... (Seguir la Lista) y ya luego! Podras ver los blogs de Los Otros en Idioma Ingles y Frances.

Ahora no te olvide que debes ir al blog de DESSY ella vive en México!

(((Un mil abrazos)))

I am so happy that all of you to visit my blog. Now you can play with Kiki Art's first Blog Hopscotch. This will run from Thursday April 29th through  Monday, May 3. So you now have a lot of fun things to do this National Scrapbooking Day weekend! So come and join the fun! Many of you came from Carolyn's blog, but if you missed her blog go back and check it out.

How do you play?

Kiki Has Three Different Art blogs, one each for language (English, French and Spanish) We start with the blog in Spanish. But please, make sure visitors from all blogs para Kiki Art Learn more about our world and also Increase Chances of Winning gifts.

Each team Design team  has chosen  An organization that commits  help others. I Choose the organization, Autism Speaks, because it has touched my life in a very personal way. I am a mother of an autistic child. I have wonderful and amazing child with autism. The sure and take note of these blogs and Causes that shows each design.
How to get a Kiki Blog Award Art? For your chance to win, you must make comment on the Kiki art blog and tell us where or what were your favorite DT member blogs and causes and leaving it in a post (Do not just choose a single one! Choose as many blogs as
you would like)

How to get a Prize from a Blog/DT Member? 

Many members of our team of designers have decided to offer the project that they have created that relates to the good cause that they believe in and Will have Kiki Art Products to offer!.

So....Leave a comment on their blog and they will chose will choose a winner at random. And make sure you leave one on mine too!!!!

On Tuesday, May 4, another All-Winners will be announced!
Here is my project. I made a bird house. The roof is covered with pieces of a puzzle. The symbol for the "Autism Speaks" is a piece of the puzzle. Autism remains a mystery in many ways. Like a puzzle, we are always looking for that missing piece "

Let's Start This BLOG BLOG hopscotch! Let's be Inspired and have fun!

We Hispanics, beginning KIKI Blog later! and will continue for ... (Follow the list) and you later! You will see the blogs of others in English and French Language.
Kiki Art has three different blogs in three different lenguages. Each DT is participating in the blog hop, you can go and visit them.
Kiki Art English

Kiki Art le français

Kiki Art Español

Now do not forget that you must go to DESSY visit in Mexico and see what cause she supports most. 

(((A thousand hugs)))

Friday, April 2, 2010

Who Do I love?

Umm Who Do I love these days?  Well umm so.... many people. Of course my family..that goes without saying. But let me tell you who is on my list BIG TIME!
First of all  I got a special little gift in the mail a week or so ago...well it wasn't really for me, it was for Adam.  It was from my new friend Julie. Do I love her. UMM Yes big time. Why?  Look at this and you tell I need to explain?
I think not!
Now Let me tell you who else makes my heart soar.  That would be the little one holding this beautiful frame. Want to know why? Because this year was the first time I really explained in depth to him about his autism. I explained to him that he had somehting called Asperger's Syndrome and that although it gave him certain challenges, epecially in social situations, that it also gave him his gift of amazing intelligence, his ability to problem solve, compute numbers quickly, construct things with ease etc. I told him that really he was kind of lucky,but that there were othe children with autism that really sturggled and that he had really been blessed.  I told him that we would be walking again for Autism Speaks to raise $ to help find a cure and he said, "but Mom, I don't want to cure my Autism".  Now if you know where we came from and the strides that we have made from then until now, that would have really melted your heart.  Know what, I don't want to change my little boy either, he is so perfect the way that he is,but I do want to give him the tools that he needs to survive soicially.  I am so proud of him!  I love that he loves and accepts himself the way that he does...his words and this frame that Julie made, inspired this layout. 
What a cool kid!  I just love him oodles and I love his Autism too!
Okay now let me tell you who else I love!!!  I love SCRAPPY NAN...from the ZUTTER ZIZTERS..yep I met up with her the other day and she gave me some very nice prizes to  give away at my crop to benefit Autism Speaks!  Yep She Rocks just a little bit.  Thank you Nan for your support!

But wait there's more!  I love FISKARS TOO!  I had no idea they were sponsoring the crop and on Wednesday there was a rap at my door and then someone ran away, which kind of startled me, then a white van took off which starled me a bit more.  What I learned is that Fiskars uses FEDEX,thus the white van.  They dropped off a BIG BOX with a pretty PRICEY gift which just might have to be a grand prize.uh is top secret for now!  I love you too FISKARS.  Let's just say...when someone wins this prize..they may be 'tuning the rest of the croppers out" for the rest of the day. Enough said!

And Lastly, I am spreading the love to..LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE..thank you  for sending some goodies my way for the crop as well. pretty. I love your papers and I wish that I could keep them for myself, but that would be just wrong!  Ugh!  Thank you so much for your generosity.

Thanks to everyone for showing their love and support, now I am all a'flutter!

IF you want to know more about the crop check out all the info here.