Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lots of stuff

First and foremost what is on my mind right now is my walk for Autism research. On Saturday, April 28th I will be participating in the Cure Autism Now walk in Pasadena, CA. I think that most of you know that my son Adam has Asperger's syndrome which is a high functioning form of autism. As a baby I knew that he was different and by the age of 2, I was convinced that he was autistic. We had the worst time getting a diagnosis for him. It literally took me 2 years to convince others that it was true. On the grand scheme of things I know that I am very fortunate to have a son that is so high functioning. We have our challenges,but we have definitely come a long way. However, there are children who suffer from autism and do not have speech, cannot smile, have repetitive quirks/behaviors and have severe issues coping outside of their homes. This summer I had an experience that was completely heart wrenching to me. While in my son's therapy office,I overheard a mother talking to her son's therapist balling. She proceeded to say "thank you, thank you so much. This is the first time that I have ever seen him smile...oh my gosh I just cannot thank you enough". Her son was 2 1/2. Can you imagine not ever seeing your child smile? I will never ever forget that.

Autism has definitely affected my family and affects many others. In fact,Autism affects every 1 out 166 children and many kids go undiagnosed. If autism has touched your life in some way or if you are interested in donating to my team please follow this link.


As you know I work on the design team for the Red Bee in Tustin. Well, it just so happens that we are having a crafter's/scrapper's garage sale on March 25th. It is from 12-5 pm. Sellers will receive a gift certificate to the store for items sold. If you would like more info on the sale please visit

Lastly I know that my links are only web addresses,but the link thing-ma-jig won't work on blogger. So please just select and paste. Thank you my friends :)



Thursday, March 8, 2007

Right down the toilet !

So the other day, Sunday to be exact, I went to the potty, flushed the toilet, pulled up my pants and pop...out it came and my phone fell right into the swirly abyss. Nice...I had to retrieve it. Needless to it doesn't work.

But on a lighter side a new scrappy acquaintance wrote me a little poem :

Oh, dear, my phone
in the potty wet
it splashed, bad zone,
the saddest fate it met.

Written by Stacey Kingman

Why thank you.... haven't had poetry written for me in so long...I am quite touched.

So FYI: any of you who read this...I have lost all my phone numbers. Can you ever so kindly send me your numbers to store in my new phone ? Thank you :)

Thursday, March 1, 2007


NO I didn't win anything scrapbook related, but I just did win tickets to see OK GO ! tomorrow night. Not only will I be seeing my treadmill boys, but also the Snow Patrol! How cool is that?! I am so excited. Me, I never win. I am always caller #19 out of 20 etc. And whee..look at this! I am so thrilled! Yippee! Tell you all about it later!