Thursday, March 8, 2007

Right down the toilet !

So the other day, Sunday to be exact, I went to the potty, flushed the toilet, pulled up my pants and pop...out it came and my phone fell right into the swirly abyss. Nice...I had to retrieve it. Needless to say...no it doesn't work.

But on a lighter side a new scrappy acquaintance wrote me a little poem :

Oh, dear, my phone
in the potty wet
it splashed, bad zone,
the saddest fate it met.

Written by Stacey Kingman

Why thank you.... haven't had poetry written for me in so long...I am quite touched.

So FYI: any of you who read this...I have lost all my phone numbers. Can you ever so kindly send me your numbers to store in my new phone ? Thank you :)


Jana said...

Hey Girl. Dunno if you want my # or not but I had to tell you that Stacey's poem and the way you tell the story of your phone going down the potty make me chuckle. ;-)

scrappygal said...

Like I said this is in Christine fashion. I am famous for doing stuff like this. As far as your phone goes...it would be handy if you are ever coming this way and we can get in touch :) So when you have a trip planned, let me know and then we will exchange numbers.

DonnaSalazar said...

I did the same thing but I pulled my phone apart immediately and it sort of works. Since it is raining today and I can't mural I guess I'll take the time to contact Sprint and have them send me a new one. We are too much alike my friend...