Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I blame it on epic tale

Okay so really I just keep on saying the same thing over and over again. Oops sorry it has been so long..I will be back..etc. etc. I have realized what my problem is...FACEBOOK. I am ridiculously addicted to the up to the minute stats on my friends and have completely abandoned my blog. I may be writing this for no reason at all. I can't even imagine that I have any readers left.

So what has happened in the past four months..way too much to mention. It would take what I decided to do is put up a few pics and update a little bit here and here ya go!

Autism speaks...Did I mention that my team and I raised close to $1800 for our walk back in April? Oh yes we did and look who I met at the walk... ..uh huh...lucky me..I did..move over Susan ;0)
So let's see school ended and we went to NJ to visit Joe's family and see where my DH grew up. Here is a pic at "the shore" which is what New Jersian's and I would imagine other East coasters refer to it ( translation..the beach).
We also took the train to "Philly" and visted the Liberty Bell. We also took a bus tour around the city. Can you tell how much Adam enjoyed it?

3 weeks after our trip I saw MY BOYS...DURAN DURAN. Illyse, Lisa, Dee and I were able to go! Lisa wound up having an extra ticket so my Illyse got to join us. Now I think she may be converting to a true durantard like the rest of us. I was us really close, so I was able to get a lot of great shots. Here are a few.....

A few weeks later we celebrated my b-day and here is the cake my sweeties made me! I am one lucky gal!
Next my good friend, Shauna and I celebrated our b-days, which are just one day apart.:0) We celebrated by going out to dinner and following dinner we saw Tears for Fears in concert!

And...I also had the pleasure of going to CHA Orlando with my friend Jennifer. It was a lot of fun. The show was small,but I didn't mind because we had The Magic Kingdom, Epcot and a lot of other fun things just waiting for us. We..(well I shouldn't speak for her..),I had a ball and I think that she did too. Here are just a few pics...

Now I have been home for about 2 weeks and once again I am leaving with the boys to go to the beach for a week in San Diego. Oops did I happen to mention that during my trip I am coming back home to go to Depeche Mode and then going right back to San Diego. Yep it is true. So perhaps for real..after my trip. I will have more pics to post and really write on this thing. I hope so!
Summer is almost over and school is coming! YIKES..pray for me. ;0) We will see how it goes. I do have good intentions ya know.

Anyway if you are reading this and are in the mood for some blog candy...then hop on over to Scrap it Forward. We have got a great bunch o' goodies for you there! Go check it out!

So there..I did it fellow bloggers. I hope that you let me back into your club ;0)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Umm hello anyone still out there?

Okay so the same old story..I mean to be here. I have so many things to share, I let time go by. Too much happens and I am not not willing to make you all go through a multi page post by me trying to catch you all up. So I will just go within the time constraints of the last3-4 weeks. Sound good. And if you are here and reading this..well thanks for coming around and being so faithful :)

So here it goes: My little Adam is now 7! Oh no, where does the time go? My baby is not a baby. He is still so cuddly,but a bit difficult to carry (ha!) Will I ever get over that need to have a sweet cuddly little one? I just don't know.
We celebrated his birthday on Feb. 28th. Adam is into science big time. Loves it! So for his birthday we hired Mad Science to come out and do a little hands on show. He loved it and so did all the other kids. I would highly recommend it for any boy's party. Here are a few pics:
Adam anxiously awaits for his guests to arrive
Guests enjoying Professor "whatshisname" Adam destoys an alien head
What was left..complete annihilation

What more....well Scrap it forward is on it's way..doing well and we are having fun. We have a new challenge supporting Project Cuddle. Come and check it out! There are some fun prizes as well.
The big news is that we have been published. Who would have thought! ? I am so excited about it! Scrapbook Business has published an article about us in their March/April magazine. Here is a little teaser :)
Went to Disney and Claifonia Adventure with kids an my mom and we had a blast. But I do have to say that I am not so much the Roller coaster kind of gal anymore. I went on California Screamin and have realized..that was a bit much...for me. Bummer. Anyway thanks to a special friend, we went to both parks and spent all day there. We had a blast and the boys were beyond thrilled. I even let them skip school. i know being a teacher, that surprises you ..right? Well I did it anyway..sometimes I can be a rebel (LOL).

And lastly my annual crop for Autism Speaks is coming up! Karen at Scrapbook Oasis will be hosting the crop. Thanks Karen again this year for your amazing generosity. Here is the Info:
Date: Sat. April 4th
Time: 10 - 6
Cost: $25
Place_ The Scrapbook Oasis in Irvine CA.
You can call and make your reservation now. The cost includes lunch, a goody bag, raffles, snacks etc. The donations this year are BIG! I have rec ieved donations from: Piggy Tales, Making Memories, Bam Pop, Creative options, Art Bin, Down Details, American Crafts, MAMBI, Cosmo Cricket, Best Creation, Quickutz, Bo Bunny, and many more!
Come join the fun ! It is for a great cause and the day will be a blast!

Come back in a few days to see a new post about a will be big!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So Happy feeling warm and fuzzy inside

Well of course CHA was a BLAST. I always walk away with such a happy and uplifted feeling. I am so inspired in so many ways...creatively for one and for two, I am emotionally charged and inspired to move forward and focus on all the good that lies ahead.

At CHA, for those of you who haven't heard, I was Quickutz's lucky grand prize winner. I won the brand new Silhouette. This is of course is outstanding and I feel so very fortunate ! Thank you QK !!!

In other news, Jenn and I started a new blog called Scrap it Forward. It is based on "paying it forward" to our fellow man and being crafty while doing it! We of course wanted to combine 2 things that we are very passionate about..crafting and charity/community activeness. So...we found a way! You should definitely check us out! There are crafty challenges posted as well as prompts suggesting ways to "pay it forward".

CHA was so very inspiring and I am so touched that during these tough financial times, that there were still so many companies willing to sponsor us and commit to working on future projects with us. I am so thrilled and excited about it all ! Not to mention the fact that I have so many friends behind us on this. Illyse is desinging for us and we have a whole crew of followers already! Thank you so very much. This means the world to me !

Now I need to organize it all ! My house looks like some kind of "crafty bomb" went off in it! Back in awhile with more updates !

Saturday, January 17, 2009

WINNER! Okay ladies today is the day to announce the winner..and here she is! IVON/DIVASCRAPPER you are the winner :) Yay for you! Now email me your addy And I will end your RAK out this week! Congrats to you and thanks to all who joined in on the class !
Hey Bloggy and crafty friends. Would you like to learn how to make a bouquet of posh paper petals like these? If the answer is yes, then go over to Making Memories For you where I will be teaching this class on Wed. January 21st. The class is FREE ! All you have to do is join the Making Memories For You Mesage board and can learn how to make this fun and easy bouquet yourself. Follow this link...... There you will find a needed supply list and other details :)
As an added bonus, I will be offering a RAK to one random winner who links this their blog and If you join the message board PM me and I will enter you twice! Please make sure to let me know that you have linked my in your comment! Winner will be announced on Thurs. Jan 22nd !
Ooh and lastly a blog candy..just for you..go check it out
Bye for now friends :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

A new challenge come and see !

Alrighty here I am! I came back in a few days..just like I said that I would. Shocker eh ? Well I am here with a challenge from Scrapbook Supplies Direct. I found these cute little ol' birdhouses at the Dollar Tree. Cute eh? Well I bet that you would like one to alter of your own, no?

If the answer is yes..then come on over to Scrapbook Supplies Direct and see my challenge. The winner will get a birdhouse, paper, embellies and a cute little birdie to put on the birdhouse. The challenge lasts until Friday Jan. 23rd. Hurry up and come over and see us at SSD !

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blog Candy alert !

Hey Everything Paper Crafts is giving away a sizely RAK that you should go check out! Hurry, It ends tomorrow ! Go here

Monday, January 5, 2009

Some new things to share :)

Hi all in blogland. Well how was your holiday, your New Year? We took it really easy and had a family night on New Years eve. It was good and well needed. It seems that we spent so much time rushing around before and after Christmas, that it was a well needed break.

We took our annual Vegas trip to visit family which was so very nice. Here is a pic of me with my little niece. She is just the cutest thing and full of tons of personality. She reminds me so much of my brother as a kid.

Well in the scrappy part of my life a few things are going on. My run at Tally scrapper DT has come to an end. Love those gals so much and it is still a special place to me. I will forever be a part of the board. The new DT is already doing a fantastic job :) In other news I have had the pleasure and honor of being published in this months Making Memories for you ezine. Yay ! check out this link. Everyone has been quite warm and welcoming on their board. Go and pay them a visit. There is also a call for the FEB. ezine too !

LASTLY are you in the mood for a sale..a great sale?! Well if the answer is YES...go visit Scrapbook supplies direct. They have a store wide sale going on. Here is the info:

Store-wide Clearance SALE!! - SALE!! - SALE!! Take 40% OFF ALL PAPER & CARDSTOCK*



*PLUS, We still have our "Buy 10 (sheets) Get 1 Free", which equals [another] 10% OFF of every ten sheets purchased!

OH gosh the countdown for CHA is drawing near. Is it killing you? I just can't wait! It will be so fabulous to sale all the new product that comes out of it. Any special faves this year for you ? I can't decide myself. Too much to choose from. Patience..I know I know !

Well,I am off for now..but I will be back in a few days to post a new challenge for SSD !

((Big hugs)))