Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I blame it on Facebook..an epic tale

Okay so really I just keep on saying the same thing over and over again. Oops sorry it has been so long..I will be back..etc. etc. I have realized what my problem is...FACEBOOK. I am ridiculously addicted to the up to the minute stats on my friends and have completely abandoned my blog. I may be writing this for no reason at all. I can't even imagine that I have any readers left.

So what has happened in the past four months..way too much to mention. It would take forever..so what I decided to do is put up a few pics and update a little bit here and there...so here ya go!

Autism speaks...Did I mention that my team and I raised close to $1800 for our walk back in April? Oh yes we did and look who I met at the walk... ..uh huh...lucky me..I did..move over Susan ;0)
So let's see school ended and we went to NJ to visit Joe's family and see where my DH grew up. Here is a pic at "the shore" which is what New Jersian's and I would imagine other East coasters refer to it ( translation..the beach).
We also took the train to "Philly" and visted the Liberty Bell. We also took a bus tour around the city. Can you tell how much Adam enjoyed it?

3 weeks after our trip I saw MY BOYS...DURAN DURAN. Illyse, Lisa, Dee and I were able to go! Lisa wound up having an extra ticket so my Illyse got to join us. Now I think she may be converting to a true durantard like the rest of us. I was us really close, so I was able to get a lot of great shots. Here are a few.....

A few weeks later we celebrated my b-day and here is the cake my sweeties made me! I am one lucky gal!
Next my good friend, Shauna and I celebrated our b-days, which are just one day apart.:0) We celebrated by going out to dinner and following dinner we saw Tears for Fears in concert!

And...I also had the pleasure of going to CHA Orlando with my friend Jennifer. It was a lot of fun. The show was small,but I didn't mind because we had The Magic Kingdom, Epcot and a lot of other fun things just waiting for us. We..(well I shouldn't speak for her..),I had a ball and I think that she did too. Here are just a few pics...

Now I have been home for about 2 weeks and once again I am leaving with the boys to go to the beach for a week in San Diego. Oops did I happen to mention that during my trip I am coming back home to go to Depeche Mode and then going right back to San Diego. Yep it is true. So perhaps for real..after my trip. I will have more pics to post and really write on this thing. I hope so!
Summer is almost over and school is coming! YIKES..pray for me. ;0) We will see how it goes. I do have good intentions ya know.

Anyway if you are reading this and are in the mood for some blog candy...then hop on over to Scrap it Forward. We have got a great bunch o' goodies for you there! Go check it out!

So there..I did it fellow bloggers. I hope that you let me back into your club ;0)


Bucket said...

1. I am Mrs. John Taylor.
2. In that once picture he was blowing kisses to me not to you. LOL
3. How cool you took a picture in the crafty chica shrine..i call it that..love her.
4. aahhh Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode.... i am so jealous! =)

illyse said...

oh yea, you are back!! I missed you in bloggyland.. I have a picture with that troll from Norway at Epcot. I also have one with sammie in front of it wearing a viking hat with blonde braids and the braids are not her hair but it looks like it!
Ahhhh the boys... i am so starstruck and I have been singing and making arm motions in my car all day today since I found my RIO cd. Yep, Durantard!!
Glad you have been keeping busy and having fun! That's what summer is all about. It's not August yet is it?? LOL!

Jenn said...

YES...please speak for me! I had a ton of fun. I haven't had the time to download all the pictures from Walt Disney World...but I did buy CDs so that I can put them on a disk for you. :)

Alicia said...

Well Geez I have only been in tax class this summer. I really need to move closer to you so I can have a life!!! Who knows maybe I will be able to pull you out the 80's LOL!!!! Looks like you are having a great summer so happy for you!!!

Calia Yang said...

so that's where you've been hiding?! FACEBOOKING! ehehehe
OH MY!!!! How have you been? it was such a nice surprise to see your comment!! You look like you had SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! ^_^ HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! *hugs* It looks like it was a wonderful day for ya!!

Donna Larson said...

Hey Christine! Sounds like an awesome summer!! Wow! I Duran Duran and Depeche Mode!! Sounds like fun! I enjoyed reading about all your happenings! :)