Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to me


Nancy Scraps, Jenna Lee and Mama in Pajamas :) Sorry for the late post girls and thanks for playing ! Please email me your snail mail info !

July is a good month, it is my birthday month,

we celebrate Independence day, we are well into summer vacation, new products are released at CHA , I love the sunshine, going to the beach and I just generally feel good. To make the month even better I have had a bit of a lucky streak too ! I was published in scrapnart (yippee..they rock). I got a surprise b-day gift in the mail from my sweet Alicia, my twin sister separated at birth, (Dilly as some of you know her). I won a RAK..cute little clay buttons..yay ! From Inkster :) Not to mention that two sweeties I know, Dawn and Jenn gave me a blog brillante premio award....AND BOY DOES IT FEEL GREAT !

So first let me nominate a few new bloggy brillante premio friends....

1. JennaLee for always having a gentle disposition, being incredibly artful and creative (yes I made up the word artful).

2. Michelle for always being honest with me, for always being a lot of fun, for always being a sensitive and caring gal and for having the courage to take on new challenges and diving in headfirst ! YOU GO GIRL !

3. For Ms Tina K. for being a giving and caring person. For being extremely talented and supportive.

4. Stephanie for being a sweet girl that has got the whole world ahead of her and for always greeting me with a smile.

5. Leah C. because she is creative, talented, giving and sure of herself and I like that !


Illyse and Jennifer who of course have already been nominated because the are so ever worthy of this award. I cannot go without mentioning my girls! You rock and you know it chicas ! No need to tag me back ladies...you don't need to go through the moitons.l.just know that you are loved !
Now here are the rules to follow if you have been nominated: 1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you -Click on Jennifer and/or Dawn's name.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

So now that I am completely a wind bag (tee hee) I wanted to say, since I have been doing all the receiving...it is time for me to do a bit of giving..PAY It Forward...know what I mean? So here's a little RAK . Please leave a post on my Blog and 3 lucky winners will receive a set of Basic Grey Romani Monograms. Not bad eh ? I will draw on Monday July 21st :)...so check back !

Thanks you to all those friends who have made the last few weeks grand. Sometimes we all need a little lift.

I will be posting a few new classes in the next few days, so check back !

Lastly ALOHA to my friend in Hawaii ;0) Who knew that I would get a visit from there. Ain't sitemeter grand !? It is so much fun to see where all my visits come from !

Take care all !




illyse said...

Happy Birthday month!! So glad you have had a great month so far! Love the family bday pic and the pics of the boys on July 4th. Soooo stink'in cute!! :)
Congrats on your recent scrappy publish and can't wait to see your upcoming classes!! Whooo hoooo!Looking forward to celebrating a scrappy bday with you on Saturday!

Scrappy Doo 2 u said...

Hey, sounds (and looks like) you had a great month. Great family pictures. I think it's awesome that you got published ... WHOO HOO! Have a great week and I'm linkin to your blog.

nancy_scraps said...

Fun blog!!! Love your previous post about getting to teach a class for autistic kids. Cool! How wonderful that they found a teacher with some experience and a heart for them.

Leah C said...

Heck yeah.. JULY rocks!!! So does the 3rd, the 4th, 5th, 8th, 15th, yours... :) Thank you for the web award.. that is so dang sweet girl!! *smooch* and don't enter me in the drawing because I feel so fortunate this month as well! {{hugs}}

MS Maass if your nasty said...

Happy Birthday month! You have had a great month so far and it's not even over!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! A great month indeed! Congrats on everything! And I can't freak'in believe you have an admirer in Hawaii. You superstar!

jennalee said...

Happy Birthday, Happy July. Congrats on the pub and the rak and thanks for the nomination.

Alicia said...

Yeah July is a great month !!! So glad you liked your B-day surprise. Wow you got publish guess now I have to refer to you as scrappy- I been published-gal Congrats. I gotta get over to your blog more often you got some interesting stuff going on. Love you sweetie enjoy the rest of our month.

Lisa Harman said...

Happy birthday month.. so glad you had a great birthday and a wicked 4th July. Looks like lots of funt here. Hope the rest of your birthday month is as fun. See you at Tally.

mama_in_pajamas said...

Wow! Your birthday month has been a lucky one for you! I love your photos! Man, my blog is pitifully boring and needs work. I just don't have many exciting things to talk about! But you give me inspiration!