Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ooh fun...other stuff and OUCH !

So we are completely packing up our classroom and as of right now my partner and I have packed 40 boxes and from doing so, my back hurts. :0( They are darn heavy ! Anyway despite all of that I am in a really good mood. :)

Last weekend I went to the Freckle Friends/MAMBI crop for autism speaks. It was incredible. Those ladies really know how to put on a fundraiser. I heart those gals ! They did a fantastic job and never missed a thing. We were greeted by Susan who showed us to our spots to crop and there waiting for us was a nice...very nice bag full of scrappy treats, we had yummy treats on the table to eat all day, there were 4 beautiful make and takes, a delicious lunch and an fantastico Italian dinner. Oh and did I mention the raffles. Raffles...rock. Everyone won something ! The grand prizes were a Cannon photo printer and a Tammy I trunk. VERY COOL !
There were also a bunch of wonderful auction items as well. We were spoiled all day. And you know what..I will ALWAYS attend their crops if my schedule allows. I can honestly say that if they have a crop...YOU NEED TO GO. You will not be disappointed !

And in other news... I had my first class at Screamin Susie's last night ! How fab is that? All the ladies who signed up were so gracious...they thanked me. Isn't that nice? They really made me feel good and I appreciated that. I was hoping that it would all go well. I brought some brownies to sweeten things up ;0) , we made our birthday in a box tin and card and then we topped it off with a teeny little raffle. They were great and made it all the more fun. I have to say that I do feel good, just because it was my first class and I am the newbie at the store. It was nice to get that little pat on the back.

I have a few more classes this month and I believe 3 more next month..so check the June and July class calendar out at Screamin Susie's if you are interested in paying me a visit. I would love to see any of you..old friends and new :)

Lastly.... 3 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL FOR ME. YAY! I cannot wait to be home for the summer. I need a break and I am definitely looking forward to it !!! More updates as soon as my summer officially starts !
(((BIG HUGS)))


illyse said...

Yep,, I agree! That was a fantastic crop and I had a lot of fun too! Glad your class went well. Sorry to hear your back hurts.. I am so glad to be done with school soon too! YEA!

Donna said...

The crop was awesome! I am glad that you guys get out of work soon. YEAH! I have two more weeks, then we can go play. I have to move out of my classroom too. That is a long story, but I will not have a classroom next year, I just made the decision to take a TOSA job part time at my school. It is a relief to have that decision made. I hope to see you soon! :)

jennalee said...

Sounds like fun. Happy summer vacation.

laura said...

it was so great to see you! glad you had fun at the crop - it went really well! :)

hope your back is feeling better!

did you ever remember what the DD youtube you sent me was?

Anonymous said...

Lucky sucker...I wish I had vacation time. It was great croppin with you at the FF crop. Can't wait to get together sometime this summer just to scrap and have fun! Congrats on the clas too. :)