Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A new project and a bit of the past...

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Now on to a bit more serious stuff. I am a bit low these days.  I lost a friend of mine to cancer just a few weeks ago. She fought her battle against cancer for 8 years. Her name is Robyn Howland and she is/was not only a beautiful person, but a person full of love that really filled my kid's days with laughter.  Initially she was Nicholas' preschool teacher and then later Adam's.  We became fast friends. This coming Saturday is her funeral. I was asked by the daycare director for some pictures of my boys with her from the past.  Here they are....
                                    Nicholas and Miss Robby- 2003
Adam and Miss Robby - 2005

My oldest son Nicholas who is now 11 wrote this which will be read at her funeral:              How Miss Robby was a wonderful person

Miss Robby was a nice, happy, frog-loving preschool teacher. She was and is always going to be my favorite teacher I’ll ever have. She always acted silly and made things a whole lot more fun for me and everybody else. She loved frogs, the green, hopping creatures of the world. She even had a tattoo of one! She is the nicest teacher I’ve ever had. I loved how she always greeted the kids and parents when they arrived instead of dully saying: “Oh, good… You’re here.” She was actually friends with my mom (Christine Pizzo-Spina), my brother (Adam Spina), and me, Nicholas Spina. She would even come over for a pizza and movie night every once in a while. She always made it better than if she wasn’t there.

Miss Robby always made everything better, and was always funny. She even made preschool better for me. She was always happy, which made me feel the same.

Miss Robby was the funniest, nicest, happiest and best school teacher I have ever known in my 11 long years of life.

Okay my next post will be cheerier. I promise :0)

Much love,


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I love that card and I am sorry for your loss... that is a beautiful letter he wrote... *sigh* so sad :(

illyse said...

Awwww Sooo sad! Love the pics of ms Robby and the boys!
Those are priceless!!! That will give u all happy memories to treasure!
I know she meant a lot to you and the boys and will be deeply missed!
Great letter Nicholas!!!