Friday, February 16, 2007

Tag? I've been tagged!

Well it seeems that this is an epidemic right now. I have been tagged by my friend Donna and apparently I'm it. So now I have to tell the truth...that I am not even close to perfect. Darn. I thought that I had you all fooled.

SO now I have to name 6 quirky things about myself. So here it goes.

1. Umm I am really freaked out by clowns. Yuck they are creepy. I have never, I mean never liked them. I don't like that you can't see who is under there. That is just wrong. Unfortuneately I feel that way about amusement park characters too (just not as strongly). As a kid I never wanted to take my picture with them.

2. I can't talk without my hands very well. I need them to express myself and when I don't, I get all tripped up. What can I say..now that's Italian!

3. When I can't sleep at night I come up with scrapbook layouts in my brain. Then somehow I can hold it there and remember how to create it days later.

4. When I cook I don't measure...I just do a pinch here, a sprinkle there. Then when my friends ask how I make things, I can't really give them exact recipes. I think they think that I am holding back on them.

5. This is really Geeky,but I am okay with it. Deep breath. I can't let go of Duran Duran. I thought I had long ago,but when they reunited and I saw them in '03, it was like I was 12 again.
I still love them and jump up and down and scream when I see them...in a cool and calm collected way of course.

6. I am convinced that people are actually reading my blog and find it interesting,but I actually may only be talking to myself...which I do often.

So actually I could go on and on and on,but I won't. I have to have some secrets.

Who will I tag. Oh Gosh who knows. Echo you are already taged. Most of my girlfriends don't have blogs. Hmm... this is a tough one. I will have to get back to everyone on this.

Signing off...Christine


Jana said...

YAY for #5 and for the record, we are NOT geeky, just infatuated!! Oh, and about #3, that is really awesome...I SO wish I had that ability!

scrappygal said...

Jana...now aI know someone reads this....wow. Funny it was as if someone...something...some strong entity called upon you to read tonght. Wonder what it was? Hmm...

Infatuated for sure...sigh......