Monday, April 28, 2008

A big day in the Spina world

Well this past weekend was big...we had a lot going on. Saturday was an eventful day. Not only did we have our long awaited Walk for Autism Speaks,but we also had the annual kindergarten Fairy Tale Ball. It was my turn to go with my son, Adam, and it was really a nice time.

The walk day...was HOT, In the 90's. We had a lot of fun at the booths with the kids. They got to play the drums, make sand necklaces, have ice cream, decorate cookies, and get a bunch silly little toys. They loved it. Once the boys had a good enough fill of the booths we started our walk. We had promised the boys that after the walk they could go to the rock wall and the jumpy house and that satisfied them. Anyway to make a long story short, there is a long walk 3 miles and a short walk, 1 mile. Being that we had the kids, Illyse (my best friend) and I decided to do the "short" walk. We started our walk and when we came to the option of turning to the right or turning to the left...we asked which was the short walk. We were kindly directed that way. After walking for hmm...maybe 45 minutes we came to the conclusion...yep we took the long walk. Well turning back would have done no good because we were 1/2 way through,so we kept up our walk. No choice. We survived it, but at the end of the walk the boys asked "permission" to just go home and skip the jumpy house and rock wall. There was no arm twisting there..."okay let's go", I said. BUT all in all a good day :)

Once we got home, we ate lunch together, Illyse went home and I took a 2 hour nap. I needed my beauty sleep for the fairy tale ball. Adam was so sweet and looked adorable. We danced ... a lot ! The chicken dance, YMCA, the electric slide, Tooty ta (or whatever that is), bop til you drop, the hokey pokey and a slow song that Adam had no interest in dancing to...but he humored me anyway.
Here are a few pics of the day :) A great one ! THE WALK

~The dance~
Again thanks to all of you for the support of such a great cause and a great day ! Our team raised over $1500 !


Donna said...

I am so happy to hear how much you raised for Autism! Great work! It looks like you guys had fun. The pics of you and Adam are too cute. What a handsome date you have. I hope to see you soon! Have a good day! :)

illyse said...

So glad to have been a part of it all! Love the pics of the ball. You both look FABULOUS! That Adam is a handsome little dude!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie...the walk pictures are too cute. Next year I will join you-promise. See you soon. :)