Sunday, October 19, 2008

New kit @ Tallyscrapper, a challenge and everyday life !

Well I just need to get with it and post now don't I ? So here I am sharing some of the things that I made from the Tallyscrapper kit this month. It is a fabulous kit and sold out immediately (as usual) Their kits are HOT !
I am also hosting a challenge at Tallyscrapper called "Skeletons in the Closet" It is an altered item challenge. And there are great prizes ! Here is my sample journal for the challenge.

Go check it out !
In other news, something amazingly touching..beautiful happened to me on Friday. I am still in disbelief about it all. To make a very long story short.... When I was a kid I was very good friends with a boy who lived down the street from us. He was a lot of fun and completely geeky with me. We were friends from grade school - high school. After high school we both went to college in separate directions. We saw each other once after our first year of school and that was that..sort of lost touch. Then few years later someone that we knew in common had told me that my friend had tragically died. I felt a huge loss and was so saddened by it all. I became a bit upset with myself for not keeping better contact with him and by then it was too late. BUT THEN FRIDAY HAPPENED .......
On Friday an old friend of mine contacted me via email and told me that our long lost friend was actually alive and well. Someone..who I can't remember told me an awful rumor. I swear if I knew who that person was..."we would have a talk". Anyway regardless of that all, I found out someone that I thought had left us,maybe 15 years ago, is here. I contacted him by email and we have been talking now for the past 3 days. I cannot even begin to tell you how blessed that I feel. I feel like now I have another chance with someone that I "lost".
As kids we were really great friends and complete dorks...here is a pic of us trying to "recreate" a Calvin Klein, Obsession" add.
NEED I SAY MORE ? I think that were were like 15 here ? And no we were never boyfriend/girlfriend..more like brother/ sister. So anyway for the past 3 days we have been catching up and I am so tickled by the whole thing. Who knows the reason things happened like they did..but I do believe that we were brought back together for a reason and I am grateful.

And last famous pic of Mr. Adam and his missing front tooth !
And can't forget Nicholas up on the Rock wall...woohoo. He made it to the top !
Bye for now !


illyse said...

Great scrappy stuff you have been making! I did your tallyscrapper challenge.. It was a fun one! Thanks! So glad you met up with your childhood friend again. That is such a neat story. ( and a funny pic too) Speaking of pics.. Love that new pic you put in the top corner of your blog! I think that is such a great picture of you!! You are so pretty!! :)

Scrappy Doo 2 u said...

Wow ... great pages!
(They're always great ... what am I thinking)
Looks like you had a blast rock climbing! I need one of those things to tire out my boys.

Anonymous said...

Love your challenge. It was fun. Got me to use those comp books I have collecting dust. I also like the pics. I'm happy to hear you found your friend again. :)

Michelle said...

Hi there!
Thanks for the comment! We are excited to have won (yes even tho it was 4th place) I ofcourse have already ordered TC Crush...anyway. I love the story about you and your Calvin Klein Obsession long lost but happily found friend!